Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cutest Baby Dress Pattern

Here is a conceptual description of how I knit this. I half-ass wrote the pattern while I was knitting it, and sent the project off to my lovely pregnant friend before I filled in the details. I welcome everyone to test what I have and fill in the missing or confusing pieces. Anyway, I hope this is somewhat sufficient to follow....

Start with yarn for SKIRT part of dress:
CO 150 sts (I think..)
- Next 5 rounds - K all
- Round 6 - ^YO, K2tog. Repeat ^ to end of round
- Next 5 rounds - K all
- Fold over so that the crease is on the YOs of round 6
- Next 2 rounds - K all
- (you are now on) **Round 19**- ^YO, P2tog. Repeat ^ until end of round
- Round 20 - K all
- Round 21 - K all
- Round 22- ^YO, P2tog. Repeat ^ until end
- Round 23-27 - K all
- Repeat rounds 20, 21, 22
- *Switch to yarn for body*
- Round 1 of new yarn - ^K1, K2tog. Repeat ^ to end.
- There are now 75 sts on the needle.
- n rounds - K all
- Now you "split" the stitches for the front and back of dress. And decreasing for "arm holes"
-- You are now working BACK of dress
- round n + 1 - K 38sts, turn work
- round n +2 - (WS) slip 1, P 37, turn work
- round n +3 - (RS) slip 1, K 37, turn work
- next 3 rounds - K all on RS, P all on WS (stockinette stitch)
- next round = n + 7 - (RS) Slip 1, K2 tog, K 36, Turn
- Round n+8 - Slip 1, P2tog, P 35, Turn
- Repeat technique of round n+7 and n+8 for three more rows (n+9, n+10, n+11)
- Stockinette stitch for ? more rows
- You will now work BACK LEFT SHOULDER flap
- On next RS, Slip 1, K15, turn work
- Next row, Slip 1, P15
- For the next ? rows: On WS, Slip 1, P rest. On RS, K to last 2 sts, K2tog
- Repeat above two steps until you have 10 sts left.
- Switch to yarn used for skirt of dress:
---Row 1 (RS) with new yarn: Slip 1, K all
---Row 2: Sl 1, P all
---Row 3: Sl 1, K2, YO, K2tog, K2
---Row 4: Sl 1, P all
---Row 5: BO

Repeat instructions from BACK LEFT SHOULDER FLAP (I guess in mirror image ...) for the back LEFT shoulder flap of the dress

FRONT of dress
You have n rounds from before splitting the dress into back and front.
You will have to knit in a new strand of the yarn used for the body here.
On the RS row (call it n+1): K 38sts, turn work
- round n +2 - (WS) slip 1, P 37, turn work
- round n +3 - (RS) slip 1, K 37, turn work
- Repeat this pattern as n +2 for every n +even and as n+3 for every n+odd. Until you have approximately 35 sts left
- For the following rows knit garter stitch for 6 rows, and then BO

-Sew buttons on the front flap, garter stitch section. Probably at 3 sts in from each end, so that they fit where the shoulder flaps fall.